Human is a software development consultancy working with true leaders to achieve digital transformation

You can't automate leadership, care or craft and our world needs more of all three. We actively seek and work with true leaders to achieve the right kind of digital transformation.

“Human attention and enthusiasm are the most precious things in the Universe.”

How we work

Some of the best things we've learned from our work with with true leaders, condensed into three hashtags:


Bespoke software development demands intense collaboration between your team and ours. Teams that work toward the same goals are more successful. When you create anything original there are more twists and turns. Some days there's a step forward and two back, which is all part of the process. A relationship based on trust and commitment is vital.

Working with our clients, we build and maintain shared understanding which goes beyond mere documentation. You are the expert on your business, in your field, for your people. We know about the technology and craft of software development. Working together we unlock each other's strengths.


We believe the product itself is its best document. Making and implementing progress beats writing about it, every time. The biggest impact is often made by getting the highest value changes made quickly. By the time you negotiate and create a complete and perfect specification, the world and the needs of the business have almost certainly moved on.


To think any person, organisation or piece of software is perfect and finished is deeply flawed. We prefer to strive for better; to accept and work with the notion of constant becoming. Our restless need to tweak, improve and grow as people can and should be harnessed in our digital technology.

We believe evolution applies to: your personal development, the growth of your business and the effectiveness of your software. The best software is born of iterative development. This is as true ongoing as it is during initial production.

We have an innovative service called Evolution which offers strategic ongoing development based on regular feedback, improvements and releases. Evolution gives our clients the benefits of an in-house development team with none of the overheads or risk.

What we do

Human staff conducting a meeting
  • We learn about you and the transformation you want to bring
  • We do our research, bring deep technical knowledge and commercial understanding to help you decide
  • We design, build, deploy and integrate software
  • We build a partnership with you in the name of continuous improvement

Delivering value quickly

Our craft involves cloud, web and mobile technologies. The right languages and frameworks depend on the job, so we stay agnostic on the specifics. We believe figuring this out is part of the work.


Be open. Consider all angles and options. Gather the fullest context possible.


Make decisions. Narrow it down. Accept the plan as temporary.


Build beautiful and effective products and services which integrate with the world around them.


Learning from everything we do for the benefit of client, team and product.