We design, build and support software.

We’re specialists in developing apps for web, iOS & Android. Our work often involves integration with systems and APIs of many forms and flavours. We strive to ensure everything we create is loved by the people who use it.

The software we create solves problems - whether it’s for use by your team, your customers or both. We specialise in building, which means we’re not a digital marketing agency - but the apps we develop together can help you to sell or to develop your customer relationships.

Typical uses of our software include: CRM, customer transactions, admin, content management & presentation, data gathering & interpretation, market segmentation, operations management, reporting, KPI analysis, auditing, support forums and replacing your vital-yet-clunky Excel files.

We’re changing the world - with software

We love making things that make a difference - beautiful and efficient software is used more, has a greater impact and enriches human lives.

As the software revolution progresses, more and more lives are shaped by it. Our mission is to ensure users love the experience, our clients get a good return and we get the satisfaction of knowing we’re making a difference.

We’re experienced, skilled and friendly

We are a team of people people and we love technology. Not for its own sake but because of the change it can bring; the power it has to take humanity further. Founded by five friends with a cooperative, conscientious and caring attitude from the beginning, Human still feels like a family business.

Listen, create, support, repeat

Using years of experience and cutting edge skill we put people first and follow this simple mantra.

Listen to the humans.

What do users and investors need? Everyone brings something to the table. We are privileged to have heard from curators & visitors, parents & students, manufacturers & consumers, the assessors and the assessed. Using diverse tools and skills to understand before we create.

Create world-class apps for web and mobile.

Applying years of experience and cutting edge skill to produce work to be proud of. What makes us tick is also what we’re good at: strategy, design, ideation & prototyping, human-first user experiences, iterative code development and app store deployment. Results that are loved by users.

Support the product and the people behind it.​

Digital keeps moving and there are sometimes key realisations following a release. Our support goes beyond emergencies and high traffic events. It’s an investment in ongoing innovation; in the power of your ideas. The best results come from well-informed partnerships where we share our skills and know-how generously.

Repeat often and learn.​

We always start small and use agile methods to build the most valuable next piece. We reflect on what we learn every day, every sprint, every release. We improve our craft so we can continue the story of progress.

This is what it means to be Human.

Want to unlock the potential for growth by making life better for your team, your customers or both? Contact theteam@human.software or call +44(0)161 850 1692 to start a conversation with us.