Team achievements recognised in a trio of promotions

In addition to our monthly catch ups with colleagues on their personal development, we formally review everyone's performance, job roles and benefits at the start of each year.

This year, we recognised the significant achievements of everyone on the team as well as making three key promotions:

Laura Armitage

Laura Armitage becomes Software Developer - so is no longer a junior. Despite only having been with Human for a year, she's integral to any team she joins and has proven her ability to explain and solve complex problems with excellence and enthusiasm.

Matt Chadwick

Matt Chadwick becomes Senior Software Developer involving more leadership and a focus on the development of best practice. Matt's consistent team contributions and strong instinct for standards combine with his longevity to set him in good stead for these increased responsibilities.

Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson completes his traineeship to become Junior Software Developer. Sam's contributions to systems development and customer service went over-and-above this year. He also found the time both to progress his coding skills and become team Wiff Waff champion.

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