Accountants + automation = inspiration?

We switched to My Accountacy Place not so long ago because we wanted a more digitally savvy and proactive service from our accountants. We haven’t been disappointed and we believe their appointment has been instrumental in our recent growth.

MD Paul Barnes and his team recently announced some important changes which will be the product of a painstaking six-month process.

They’re about to automate many of the lower-level tasks such as following up and organising the information required in our relationship. The pitch to customers like us is simple: help us gain freedom from mundane follow ups and we’ll use the time to help you grow your business.

The change communication has been well considered and thoughtful – reassuring us that the new processes will be likewise.

We’re really excited by this move, not least because it chimes with one of the principals in our Human manifesto: be creative AND organised.

Only by using well designed systems to tackle the lower level tasks can we free ourselves up to do our best creative work, to add our highest value to any project or relationship.

Human attention and insight are hugely valuable commodities and software’s greatest promise is to unleash this for the good of us all
Our aim is to deliver this for our clients in the apps and systems we build everyday. Imagine how excited and pleased we are to find our accountants using the same logic to deliver better returns in our own relationship. Kindred spirits indeed.

There could be no better reminder of the reasons we chose to work together.

To Paul and the rest of the team at My Accountancy Place: this blog is our vote of confidence in you. Even if things get tough – know that we are with you. We will feed back and help in any way we can.

We believe human attention and enthusiasm are the most precious things in the universe. To explore how we can protect your most valuable resources through automation, contact or call 0161 850 1692.

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