David Vs. Goliath: Automation Is Here, And It’s Not Just For The Big Players.

If you’re a small business, you could be forgiven for being fearful of automation or for thinking it’s only for large enterprises. All of the language in the current debate leads many of us to imagine production line robots, expensive change programmes and massive changes to the workplace.

But thanks to recent advances in cloud computing and app development, there are huge benefits available to even the smallest of businesses taking incremental and manageable steps. Investing in this technology - and more importantly the thinking behind it - usually costs less than you’d imagine with transformational results.

At Human, we believe the old phrase ‘people are our most important asset’ hasn’t been taken seriously enough. People are amazing and capable of much more than machines. If you want responsible decision making, need to care for customers and colleagues or design, develop and create original solutions as part of your work - then you need people.

We’re here to help you stop wasting their time and your money by getting them to do work which machines can’t.

Everyday, in every business, there’s costly tasks being performed by bored humans which could be done faster, and better by machines. That’s a fact - automation is already all around us.

But that also means that the limitations of automation are already apparent. Plenty of tasks are performed better by Humans with empathy, creativity, and original thought on their side. These are tasks that require real Human insight to be completed successfully - something which as it stands now, a machine cannot replicate.

Understanding that the benefits of automation are two-fold is crucial to unlocking it’s true potential in your business. The first benefit is obvious - machines can do some tasks traditionally done by Humans quicker and better. But the second benefit is less immediately clear - the potential held in all of the free time your employees now have. What could your workers do if they had 50% more time to focus on high-value, human led tasks?

We’ve helped businesses transform their processes through simple upgrades making a huge impact. For instance, through automating their data entry operations, we helped a client reduce the time it took to process an order by 96%. The person who was doing this job in the past can now focus on quality control, making sure the products being produced are of the highest standard. This is not only more engaging work than endlessly entering in details into a computer, but significantly more valuable to the business too. Keeping people central to the highest value tasks in your business, and empowering them to get on with them by automating the rest, is the central core of our approach to automation.

It’s the stories like these that currently rarely find a place in the dominant automation narrative controlled by huge engineering businesses. Yet this case study (and the wealth of others like it we’ve assisted in the past) demonstrate the power small businesses have to harness the incredible potential of automation for themselves.

The digital upgrade, which didn’t cost a huge amount, has sped up the ordering process, refined quality control, and improved the working life of the newly liberated employees all in one fell swoop - no expensive robotics or dramatic business overhaul required.

Automation is here, and it’s for everyone regardless of how much money they have to spend. All you have to do is find out where in your business needs it most.

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