Tariff Street became Human

Our team is now three times the size it was when we founded in 2011. Over the years we came to realise that the name of a street couldn’t reflect our intelligent and creative team, our personality and our ambitions for the future.

For all official purposes, the business is now called Human Software Limited. ‘Human’ for short.

From the very beginning, people have wanted to do more and to do better. The tools and technologies we devise are a vast catalogue of insights and inventions. They are the story of humanity itself.

We’re all part of the story and as a team we’re humbled to think we have a hand in building the future through our work.

As a team, together with our awesome clients, we’ll keep building world-class apps and seamless digital experiences.

We enjoyed our time in the Northern Quarter, but we needed space in higher quantity and quality in order to do our best work.

So we now have a new home:

56 Princess Street
M1 6HS

Our growth means greater capacity to help you to thrive; we succeed when you do.

Whatever your part in our story — we thank you for what we’ve done together so far. It feels like the start of something both insanely exciting and yet completely logical.

We went on quite a journey to rebrand as Human, realising that human attention and enthusiasm were the most precious things in the universe. We'd love to hear about the journey you're embarking on so contact theteam@human.software or call 0161 850 1692.

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