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Changing the world of education

Changing Education is one of the UK’s foremost work experience specialists, created out of a deep passion to transform the way young people are supported from learning at school and college to eventually taking their first steps to employment.

Changing Education has been on a seven year transformational journey with Human. Software breathes life into the heart of Changing Education’s business model, in the form of a rich work experience software platform, Connect. Connect is a work experience solution for schools, academies, colleges, universities and education business partnerships: it offers a rich platform comprising of a comprehensive employer’s database, automated task management and tools for student and employer feedback and risk assessment.

Education is a price-conscious, cost-driven market. Changing Education has succeeded by creating richer, more immersive, cost-effective experiences than any competitors; largely through its intuitive software that automates time-consuming tasks; freeing up administrative teams to focus on the higher value, human-centric tasks that can’t be automated.

Post-recession, the education marketplace slowed, and experienced myriad cuts. These pressures were catalytic for Changing Education to think how they could offer enhanced innovation, richer user experience and features within the tight budget constraints of business directors at schools. To do this in a price-sensitive market, automation has been key to delivering powerful experiences cost effectively.

Changing Education have shown a true commitment to improving the opportunities young people have to gain meaningful work experience; 15,000 students are currently placed into work experience via Changing Education, with many more to follow.

Changing Education have the passion and ambition to engender permanent transformation in the education landscape. Together with Human, we have built technology into the centre of the commercial strategy.

Helping young people explore the world of work in a safe, meaningful, and engaging way.

Technology-led commercial strategy

Changing Education’s goal was to transform the software they used internally to manage workflow and create a consumer-facing digital product that could be embedded in educational institutions. This meant scaling the software to be used as a platform, creating a beautiful user interface and strategically transitioning Changing Education to become more of a tech-led business.

What we did

  • Scope workshops to build an important shared understanding of the product vision
  • Augment workshops to map out user journeys, workflows and automation opportunities
  • Stunning user interface that would be simple to use for educational administrators, with rich functionality and management information
  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Automation of emails to organisations
  • Scalable hosting
  • Reports and performance analysis generated for schools and colleges
  • Student feedback tools on the platform
  • Risk assessments on the platform
  • Career planning tools
  • Database of pre-approved employers
  • Careers advice and action plans

“Working with Human is akin to having our own dev team; the team works with us, not for us. We work as one team toward being more successful. Human challenges us to think bigger.” Steve Hackney - Director - Changing Education

Connect features

Crossing the threshold

As we’ve traversed this journey, Human were no longer the development guys on the other end of the phone, becoming progressively more valued for the strategic insights we could offer across products, services and experiences.

Evolution, Human’s ongoing development service, has enabled Changing education, in between large scale Production releases, to continually craft incremental improvements to their platform; enabling agility and responsiveness in the face of evolving business needs, user expectations and the ever-changing technical landscape. This has meant Connect has never stagnated and is always improving.

“Human has given us the confidence to expand into new markets.” Steve Hackney - Director - Changing Education

  • 15,000 students placed
  • Automation has enabled cost-reduction in dozens of educational institutions
  • Creation of the richest work experience platform in the UK

If you would like to find out more about Changing Education, check out their showcase video:

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