Design Bridge strategy workshop tools

More flow, less fiddling

Design Bridge is one of the world’s leading international brand design agencies and for over thirty years, has been winning awards for brand storytelling. The team wanted to use digital technology to improve the participant experience and operational efficiency of some of their key workshop tools. This would enable their teams to focus on their things only they could do. The impact has been to strengthen a core capability within the agency’s global strategy offer.

With studios in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and New York, Design Bridge is one of the world’s leading international brand design agencies delivering the highest calibre of work with brands we all know and love.

The brief

The strategy team has set of highly effective and proprietary insight tools used in participative workshops with brand stakeholders. Our task was to explore the ways in which digital technology could be used to augment the role of the strategist, free them up from unnecessary tasks so they could focus on the quality of the insights shared and developed.

So the brief had two simple aims:
- Enhance the workshop experience for participants
- Simplify the running of the exercises and their subsequent processing

A web app led workshop experience

With ethnographic experience of Design Bridge strategy workshops in hand, we explored possibilities for creating tools which would help the flow of the sessions, reducing admin overheads to enable greater focus.

The tools allow for participative exercises to be led on screen by the strategist with key insights recorded and stored appropriately. Subsequent analysis has been simplified as well as options for taking the outputs into different tools for reporting and progression.

Design Bridge strategists work across a diverse network of client locations globally and often find themselves airborne. This required the ability for the browser-based tools to work offline, but also for content to sync with the rest of the team safely and effortlessly as connection resumes.

Challenges addressed

Some of the activities we replaced had been delivered using PowerPoint slides. Moving these to an experience driven by a web app presented a couple of key challenges.

Offline working within a web browser demanded additional research and development on technical capabilities.

User Experience design needed to take into account the expectations and working metaphors around file and data storage. This was solved by emulating the sync behaviour of other online apps understood by the team.


Augmented the talents of the strategy team
We’ve helped the strategy team to shift some of the time invested in these sessions to higher-value activities. Our most talented people should focus on the things only they can do - in this case uncovering and developing strategic insight - rather than hygiene factors like saving files and data.

Underpinned a high-quality, consistent and repeatable experience
The insights and the creativity may be different each time, but the functions of running the session and sparking the discussion should be on tap. This will yield increasing dividends as new generations of strategists join the team and are able to build on the foundations of this solid workflow.

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