Jaguar Land Rover Global Retailer Assessment

Realising continuous improvement for thousands of JLR retailers

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the UK’s largest car manufacturer and biggest investor in automotive research, development and engineering. Human designed and implemented a platform to support the continuous improvement of retailer technical standards. Regional Technical Managers can now assess and co-create action plans with the retailers they look after. Thanks to our work, retailers globally are benefiting from well-structured and focused best practice support.

Through JLR’s two leading luxury car brands, it takes British ingenuity, craftsmanship and innovation to markets around the world.

JLR aims to sell 1 million vehicles per year, double the current figure. The challenges and opportunities this sort of scaling yields are manifold. Excellent customer experiences, brand loyalty and repeat purchases are key to the growth plan.

As a result, the ongoing transformation of process, platform and experience in technical service for retailers and their customers is crucial.

The Brief

Several thousand retailers form the main front line of care and attention for JLR customers globally. The Service, Diagnostics and Repair team, based at the UK HQ provides those retailers with technical standards, publications and escalation support for those rare vehicle concerns needing further engineering assistance.

A worldwide team of Regional Technical Managers (RTMs) works directly with retailers to identify and share best practice and develop action-led approaches to improving standards even further.

Our brief was to create an online assessment platform to support the RTMs in their work to help retailers deliver great technical support for customers.

Scoping, production & evolution

  • Extensive immersion with the team supporting RTMs to understand the brief in detail.

  • Visits to retailers, involving interviews and ethnography, to understand the use cases first hand.

  • Scope workshops: collaborative off-site sessions to build on retailer visits and discussions with RTMs and other domain experts.

  • Deconstructed an existing prototype workflow which had been developed using linked Excel spreadsheets.

  • Developed the product vision for a resilient and scalable web app with capability for offline assessments.

For those working with retailers to help them maintain or improve standards, Retailer Assessment is a web app which facilitates audits and action planning.

What does Retailer Assessment do?

The feature list:

JLR retailer assessment features

Human built the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which afforded a high degree of flexibility and scalability as the programme of assessment was rolled out to all RTMs.

JLR Retailer Assessment Dash 2

Human's high speed and quality of production process was the deciding factor when commissioning the work.

From first conversation to stable & transformative global platform within 12 weeks

Immediately following launch, Retailer Assessment was supported by Evolution, Human’s ongoing development service. As usage has grown in markets, Human has delivered a significant level of further iterative development, responding to evolving business needs and user-led improvement suggestions.

JLR outcomes

Challenges addressed

Implementing any new system - however intuitive the interface or well founded the aims - can raise anxieties around change for colleagues. It was essential to mitigate this.

  • Human supported the JLR team with additional training resources for their RTM conferences as Retailer Assessment was introduced.

  • Responding quickly and appropriately to user feedback from the earliest days of the platform being live helped to build trust and demonstrate this was a service to augment their ability to do a great job rather than being seen as a constraint.


  • Auditing & constructive action-led continuous improvement platform now delivered and supported.

  • RTMs more engaged in discussing, tracking and acting on the things that make the difference in technical service for retailers and their customers.

  • 115,000 items assessed.

  • 17,000 activities.

  • Used in most global markets.

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