Inspiring customers with Marshalls plc

Starting the customer journey with 6½ minutes of engaging inspiration

Marshalls plc is a FTSE 250 UK-based manufacturer of natural stone and concrete hard-landscaping products, supplying the construction, home improvement and landscape markets.

Marshalls create better spaces and understand their customers’ own great tastes and ideas.

Inspired by the ways that their customers found, took and shared images from the world around them to form creative stories and landscapes on Pinterest and Google Images, Marshalls sought a way to visualise the great designs that they create.

“Our customers are inspired by the world around them and increasingly by what they see online. We wanted to be there with our customers to turn inspiration into unique landscapes, day or night” Marco Maccio, Head of Digital Communications

Working together, Human and Marshalls identified that by assisting customers in shaping and building the look they wanted for their tailor-made landscapes, the end results would create both beautiful designs as well as great satisfaction rates. The Inspire Me! app gives customers the freedom and flexibility to play with different ideas and create a design that is individual to them. With filtering, browsing, and even the ability to scan paper brochures to access deeper content, customers are able to ‘favourite’ their product matches as the design develops, turning vision into reality.

Inspiring Design


  • 10,000 people inspired
  • Double the number of people using a new inspiration feature rather than browsing the ebook brochure
  • 96 in every 100 users took inspiration to the next step of the buying process
  • 6.5 minutes is the average amount of time spent on each use of the app
  • 6.5k likes of Marshalls products on the Inspire Me! app

Marshalls case study stats

Simple Features

  • 450% more products viewed giving confidence customers had chosen well
  • Scan the print brochure with a phone camera (18% do this)
  • Find nearby fitters and stockists and directions
  • Share the basket with my favourite apps and people (25% do this)
  • Experience satisfaction: users spent 23% longer using the Inspire Me! App in year two

Smooth Running


  • An up-to-date mobile tool for Sales teams to showcase Marshalls’ products and capabilities
  • ‘How to’ video helps users (customers) get the best app experience, reducing calls to Help lines
  • Working with Marshalls IT team to integrate the product into the wider digital infrastructure

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