Medem workflow automation

Improved sales growth and service quality through workflow automation

Medem is a niche electronics manufacturer specialising in gas safety. Human worked with the sales team to create a custom CRM platform which automates many aspects of proposal generation. Management information on sales activity is now richer and more impactful than ever. The software has become a hub for Medem which uses its insights to drive decision making on a daily basis.

Medem designs and delivers a range of gas safety and environmental monitoring equipment for commercial kitchens and laboratories in locations including schools and factories. With Medem installed and serviced kit, countless thousands of our loved ones are kept safe every day.

Medem’s growth strategy depends on targeted interventions, taking the right actions on the right leads as well as offering unparalelled service to buyers in a complex value chain once prospective orders are in play.

The brief

Many rapidly-growing businesses find themselves tracking vital sales and customer orders in spreadsheets and folders and Medem was no exception. Their excellent product and service offer led to a strong flow of opportunities and orders. Before long, simple reporting on their sales pipeline was taking days. A new approach was urgently required.

Medem used an array of online software packages to keep tabs on vital business data. Many cloud-based CRM tools include unrequired features which increase their cost of ownership, especially in terms of training time required.

Medem’s file-based system had served them well, but the needs of growth and team revealed the case for change.

So the work with Human had three key aims:

  • Strong management information reporting whilst reducing the cost of report generation
  • Sales growth by augmenting the sales team with real-time data, allowing them to know they are in pursuit of the best opportunity at any given moment
  • Enriched customer experiences through better use of the in-depth insight and data already held

Scoping, production & evolution

Human Scope workshops mapped the key user journeys of the sales team to understand pain points and opportunities for growth. The sessions also established shared priorities for the app.

Human worked with the sales team to wireframe the whole app so the new journeys could be explored together as one team and ensure the work would lead to a more weightless and reactive user experience.

Over five fortnight-long sprints Human created a platform of critical services with user interactions built as a web app on top. Regular releases and rapid deployments enabled feedback from users to serve as oxygen to the production process.

Each sprint concluded with a showcase and review allowing the whole team to reflect on progress, integrate more long-form feedback and agree next priorities.

It started with the basics: people, places, documents and user access. After identifying the core relationships a simple version of the new service was released so the sales team could populate their real data. Doing this early on revealed obvious pain points and opportunities to improve - the team from Human updated the user journeys and integrated the feedback into the data structures and interfaces. Staying true to the principles of agile, significant progress and incremental improvements were made to the app as the weeks went on.

Key features:

Quote Builder

  • The team can create proposals using pre-written building blocks which they then customise.
  • The balance of standardisation and customisation means a quicker job and a higher quality result.

Management info insight

  • KPI analysis.

Client deep dive

  • Being able to explore quickly all activity relating to a single organisation or person is transformative.

Search across all areas

  • Sometimes we only recall a fragment of a name or location when trying to pin something down - so the key UI element was a Universal Search to match projects, leads, people and organisations based on the remembered detail.

“The team spends almost all of their time using this data - it’s the lifeblood of the business - so we thought it essential to respect and augment the sales team's attention and enthusiasm through a tailored and well-considered user interface.”
Christopher Charlton, Director of Strategy & Engagement

Having worked together to develop an energy monitoring application in the past, the team at Medem were excited about working with Human to transform their sales workflow. As soon as the app was released, attention was better directed and more value was realised from conversations supported by better data.

Challenges faced

Developing an app which was mission critical from day one.
Data integrity and testing were really important, as was sharing responsibility for the results and next actions.

Innovating a process without alienating a team embedded in the existing methods.
The Medem work was done with them not for them. So it was the sales and management teams who invented the solution, with Human bringing technical skill and insight to make it a reality. This open and collaborative approach ensured everyone felt ownership and excitement from day one.


  1. Faster responses to opportunities and customer questions.
  2. Instant top-line summaries of activity for senior team.
  3. Improved business scalability.

Medem case study stats

“We are different in the market, we aren’t just sales. To be competitive and offer the best service to our customers, our engineers, sales and factory need to be able to see clearly what we are doing for any one customer. For us, investing in bespoke software with specific features that integrate with other platforms has been worth every penny. We’re really excited to be working with Human to bring the benefits of the Medem Hub to more aspects of our operations.”
Stuart Mason, Sales and Operations Manager, Medem.

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