Mobile app development with KYB Europe

Now every technician can help their customer choose the best shock absorbers

KYB is the largest hydraulic manufacturer in Japan, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers.

Customer safety is their priority and they rely on an army of independent technicians and resellers to make the appropriate, compelling case for replacing shocks in conversations with customers.

The choice to lead their market on quality means KYB needs to support their resellers in educating customers on the unique benefits in choosing their premium product.

KYB engaged Human to develop a mobile iOS and Android app that would give technician's selling KYB products on the front-line a compelling comms tool to more effectively sell to their customers.

User research, market mapping & client scoping workshops

One of the key reasons KYB chose to engage Human was due to our deep dive analysis and clear understanding of KYB as a business, the challenges they faced on a macro and business specific scale, and a discernible desire to understand their customers wants and needs too.

  • Enable sales growth: By giving due consideration to the current technician workflow and the end-customer's experience through user research and stakeholder workshops, we were able to craft an enhanced customer experience with the use of compelling rich media comms. This helps to level the playing field between independent technicians and enterprise scale retailers who use a suite of rich media tools to communicate vehicle diagnositics and repairs to their customers. Through this mobile app, technicians should be able to sell more KYB product.

  • Showcase KYB innovation to the world: KYB have an innovative spirit. They have recently invested in virtual reality at exhbitions, a 360 product imaging portal on their commerical website and a robust suite of fitting videos on YouTube for distributors and technicians to consume. As such, it was key that this software reflected their innovative spirit when showcasing this new mobile app at global trade shows and exhibitions.

  • Competitor analysis: We explored what KYB competitors were offering and also what is available in the wider market currently in terms of vehicle diagnostic apps; enabling KYB and Human to make the appropriate design and development decisions within the software and the user interface.

  • Copy economy: We worked closely with KYB to help them mitigate the risk of their idea being copied by a competitor.

  • The Future: developing an ongoing partnership with KYB, embracing Kaizen; continuous improvements and innovations as the market becomes more and more competitive.


KYB engaged with us in two agile software development sprint cycles, with sprint reviews in between. From product ideation to delivery of the product took ten weeks.

  • Seamless workflow: We built a beautifully simple, seamless user journey; crafted to enable the app to be used within a technicians's busy day and working practices with minimal friction.

  • Rich media communications: Seeing is believing. Photos of your own shock absorber replacement sent in a timely, compelling manner.

  • Data-led commercial insights: KYB can gain deeper insight into retailer and end-consumer behaviour to inform management decision making.

  • GDPR - Designing for Privacy: As a global business with a sizeable turnover, it was crucial that KYB were armed with the right information when considering GDPR compliance. Human worked closely with KYB to ensure that data transparency and compliance was given the due consideration in all aspects of the software build and the flow of data thereafter.

  • Multi-lingualism: As KYB are a global business with a global customer base, it was important we considered multilingualism in the app; as such the app was released to many different app stores around the world with the relevant multi-lingual features and language settings built in.


"This project represents yet another example of an OEM innovating within their supply chain to enhance the experience further down the line.

For the independent technicians they now have a more compelling method of communicating vehicle diagnostic information to their customers. And for the end customers, they get an experience more akin to that of national retailers and dealers.

This creates a more competitive landscape in the automotive aftermarket, engendering the right conditions for further innovation; which will ultimately benefit the end-consumer. Human are proud to have played a part in this transformative story."
Chris Ashley, Head of Engagement

  • KYB embraced the philosophy of 'we grow when our customers do'; any supplier’s best growth comes from that of its customers.

  • KYB are educating more and more poeple on the value of shock absorbers; as shorter stopping distances benefit all of us.

  • KYB showcased their innovative spirit to the World, and crucially to their distributors and technicians who work with KYB products on a daily basis.

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