Storytelling for change with MHM

Reflecting the full diversity of MHM and their clients' stories

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre is the largest cultural strategy and research agency in the UK, headquartered in Manchester with offices in New Zealand and Australia. They are renowned for using market insight to make a real difference to the organisations they work with, all of whom are world-leading cultural, heritage and charity organisations.

Engaging the entire business

Human and MHM's focus was threefold:

  • Connecting and describing the different strands of MHM's intellectual property; demonstrating much more than just a list of products.
  • Reflecting the incredible diversity of MHM clients and the unique stories therein.
  • Engaging the whole business in content creation so the site becomes a living testament to their ongoing work.

"Human was the only organisation that understood us and got under our skin. There are plenty of others out there, but they took the time to thoroughly and strategically challenge our business model - so they can understand but also so we understand it better."
Andrew McIntyre

Explore & Distil

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre brain

  • Productive partnership - An integrated threefold approach to design, development and content production. Acknowledging that content should drive technology choices and implementation at the same time as design.

  • Interconnected insight - Revealing the rich nature of the MHM world through its interconnected strands of work. Highlighting hard-won knowledge in areas like segmentation, visitor behaviour and organisational development to present a coherent picture of MHM's unique offer.

  • Complexity made simple - Richly interconnected and shown according to varied rules; but in a simple user interface which feels like more like a stroll through a fascinating museum than a wild safari.


Fortnightly ‘sprints’ during which design work, content writing and coding would take place. After each one a sprint review meeting would bring everyone’s efforts together. The list of outstanding requirements and the time remaining would be reviewed with the client deciding what the next priority should be.

“Everyone's efforts together”


During initial production and ever since, we had two versions of the site: live and staging. Live was the place where we’d all agreed on the functionality. It could be public at any time. In Staging we added new features, experimented and invited everyone to test and feedback so that we could refine each idea before moving it to Live.

“Integrated package of support”

The resultant final deployment is a content-rich website which has thought-provoking complexity and richness with no compromises on accessibility and logic.


MHM recognises that digital tools should always be evolving and so all of the products we've created - including the website - are covered by a pioneering integrated ongoing development agreement.

As well as making sure the site stays accessible and any issues are quickly resolved, both teams can be proactive about improving performance and making ongoing improvements to the site; a core part of the Evolution proposition.

The site heralds a collaborative partnership which we believe is a model for future client-agency relationships.

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