Paddy Power R&D

Channeling mystery & excitement into gamer’s lives

Paddy Power is one of the most recognisable brands in the gaming and betting sector in Europe.

Renowned for mischievous humour and entertainment; Paddy Power also embrace iterative, agile methods when experimenting with new ideas, comms and technologies.

As such Paddy Power felt Human would be an ideal partner to deliver a pre-designed concept for them due to our rapid, agile Production methods.

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Experimenting with new technologies

Our production process turned fixed graphical assets into a fully functional and immersive Facebook application.

The application was hosted to support a four week viral competition, hosted by BT Sport presenter George Lamb on live stream, with a £1,000,000 prize to be won.

Paddy Power embedded an air of mystique into the competition, whereby consumers had to decode forty cultural symbols and icons hidden in the app for the chance to win. Consumers who were successful and advanced in the competition then had to display flair and wit with the written word. The person with the most entertaining reason for why they should get the opportunity to win £1,000,000, using social metrics to determine the most popular answer, was then invited to a special venue to spin a giant roulette wheel.

Due to the number of users entering the competition each day, it was crucial Human provided the necessary support throughout the event via our Evolution team, ensuring that peaks in demand were catered for and reliability was assured.

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