Telegraph Clearing app

Seven years of innovation and success

As the hopes and dreams of many hang in the balance on results day, months of intensive planning, thoughtful design and experienced software product development pay off every year for The Telegraph and Human.

2016 stats:

  • Double the year-on- year traffic in the app
  • ‘Clearing’ was the Number 1 Apple Store search term with The Telegraph Clearing app the top result
  • #2 in the Apple Store Education chart, second only to iTunes U itself
  • #16 in Apple’s overall free app chart on
  • Featured as ‘Hot This Week’ by Apple
  • 100% service availability and smooth app performance throughout all the critical moments such as the morning peak as students receive their results

An engaging design-led experience


The user experience is effective and useful with key steps taken to reduce any sense of panic.

Users build up their own profile by answering simple questions such as ‘courses applied for’. This encourages them to think about their options early on and lays foundations for a more intelligent search when results and course data are released.

Although still the main draw, the app has more to offer than just Clearing courses on A-level results day. Even before course data becomes available there is a useful set of institution profiles to explore including HESA stats such as student satisfaction, gender balance and cost of living.

When these changes were first implemented, sessions were longer on average, with more than double the number of screen views, demonstrating the higher level of engagement achieved and a stronger commercial proposition for The Telegraph.

Expert support on A-level results day


The 24 hours surrounding the release of A-level results are a tense time. Clarity and reliability are key for young people about to end weeks of waiting to find out their future.

Each release of The Telegraph Clearing app is built on years of experience providing high traffic event support at the critical moment. We've designed an app which encourages pre-planning to reduce stress both for students and for the technology. The data suggests this softened the usual extreme spikes in traffic demand which were previously the norm.

We can never know with certainty what the shape of demand might be in advance of such an event, so we prepare for anything. The whole team engages in game planning and in stress testing the technologies and likely scenarios well in advance of the big day. This allows us to define the key metrics and produce a reliable scalable hosting solution.

A great Human story

The Telegraph Clearing app is a hugely important product with the power to change lives at the critical moment. Downloaded earlier in the week as expectant students fear the worst. Used on the day to mend shattered dreams before being ceremoniously deleted afterwards as a sign of victory.

The whole team at Human are immensely proud to have delivered The Telegraph Clearing app for a seven-year run characterised as much by innovation as operational reliability.

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