Arts & culture attraction websites with TWAM

Connecting Tyne & Wear with arts & culture

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM) is a major regional museum, art gallery and archives service. TWAM manages a collection of nine museums and galleries across Tyneside and the Archives for Tyne and Wear.

The pre-existing TWAM website had ‘flavoured’ subpages for each of the venues.

The site told the story of a great idea: one site with many flavours, a common structure but a different set of styles for each venue. A creative and efficient approach especially appropriate in the public sector - but the implementation was far too rigid. The layout didn’t suit the fact that some venues had more current events than others, that there were varying degrees and types of visual content for each. It was - in the final reckoning - a series of containers that had to be filled with content, rather than useful tools which could allow each venue to tell its own story.

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